Construction of tanks made from reinforced concrete combined with HDPE

SZAGRU specialises in the design and construction of tanks situated above ground, underground, cylindrical, cuboid-shaped, made from conventionally reinforced concrete combined with HDPE.

Most liquid storage tanks installed nowadays are made with the use of conventional methods as reinforced concrete walls. A disadvantage and inconvenience of this method is that it is difficult: to achieve a watertight formwork for the proper curing of the structure, to achieve a watertight concrete tank, to protect the rebars embedded in the tank walls from corrosion, to protect concrete from ageing and the influence of aggressive media. Another difficulty is that if the tank is to be used to store potable water, internal walls of the tank walls must be coated with a certified coating approved for food contact, and finally the extended tank installation process.

To design a tank that we offer we can use conventional methods. However, still at the design stage, the first advantage of the technology we offer is reduced wall thickness of the tank because there is no need for rebars to have a thicker concrete cover to protect them from corrosion. For each tank we draw up construction design documentation approved by a design engineer licensed to design reinforced concrete structures.

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