Process pipelines

We make process pipelines for industrial plants:

  • handling aggressive media such as: sulphuric, hydrochloric acids, sodium hydroxide etc.
  • other media e.g. process water, water pipelines, foul water systems
  • cooling systems
  • compressed air systems

The works include assembly of new pipelines complete with pipe hangers and a comprehensive maintenance service of the existing production pipelines.

Diameter range of the pipelines we assemble depends on their application in the production process, the standard diameter range is from Ø16 to Ø400 mm.

We can manufacture bespoke system elements according to client’s specifications.

Our pipelines are made of: HDPE, PP, PVC-U, PVC, PVDF. Depending on technical requirements, the pipelines are butt welded, polyfusion welded, electric resistance welded or glued together.

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