Retention tanks of Ø1000-Ø3500 internal diameter

Standard sizes we manufacture are: Vm3 = [2 m3 - 50 m3]

Retention tanks are typically horizontally-oriented cylinder-shaped tanks. They are equipped with a sealed manhole and a gravity ventilation system.

The tanks’ standard diameter range is from ø 1000 to ø 3000 mm (internal diameter). The tank volume is adapted to client’s requirements, if the required volume is considerable, it can be extended by providing a battery of tanks arranged in series, parallel to one another or by stacking them one on top of the other. The tanks may be equipped with an invert. The number of access shafts, length and diameter of the tanks as well as their other dimensions may be customized upon request.

Water storage tanks are manufactured from materials having valid hygienic approval. Each tank is custom-made to suit client’s needs regarding its dimensions. The manufacturing method which is extrusion welding ensures water tightness and reliability.

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