Septic tanks 2, 3, 6, 9 m3

Septic tanks are used for sewage retention. They are completely leak-proof and resistant to sewage, which makes them environmentally friendly. They are not fusion welded during the manufacturing process, which makes the tanks absolutely leak-proof. Our tanks are also perfectly suited for storing rainwater, which is a smart and economical solution as rainwater may be used for watering plants.

  • The tanks are made from polyethylene PE, a material highly resistant to chemicals and sewage.
  • The tanks are 100% both infiltration and exfiltration leak-proof due to lack of welds
  • The tank longevity is much longer than that of other conventional storage tanks.
  • The modern structure of the tanks enables creating tank batteries and therefore the total volume may amount to as much as 10, 15 or 20m³.
  • The tank inlet diameter is 160 mm.
  • The access shaft of the tank is covered with a leak-proof screwed cover of 400 mm diameter.
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