Pumping stations of Ø800 – Ø3000 diameter

A pumping station is a facility including pumps, pipes, valves and appurtenances as well as an automatic pump control system.

A pumping station is usually intended for transporting municipal, sanitary sewage and drainage water at greater distances or to a predetermined elevation. Pumping stations of the SZAGRU type are monolithic HDPE tanks. In the shell there is an in situ watertight coupling for the rising main. The tank is equipped with step irons, an inlet pipe, a vent and a connector for a cable. The tanks used as pumping stations are manufactured in diameters ranging from ø 800 to ø 3000 mm, tank height is adapted to client’s specifications.

The tanks are made from high density polyethylene HDPE. The shafts have ring stiffness of 2 to 8 kN/m2 selected depending on the depth of installation and ground conditions. In locations where the water table is high, we use anti-buoyancy devices. The appropriate ring stiffness ensures complete resistance of the tank even in areas susceptible to mining-induced damage. Each lift station is custom-made according to client’s specifications regarding its dimensions.

If required, we can equip the tanks with all necessary equipment (a system of pumps, control panel etc.).

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